Real-time verifications & monitoring

Real-time screening, verification and monitoring technology built specifically for the high demands of healthcare employers.

Faster turnarounds for rapid deployment

In the healthcare setting - days matter. Verifiable delivers rapid primary-source verification, for rapid results and placements.

Workforce Solutions
  • Cost savings

    Reduce friction in administrative processes and automate workflows

  • Reputation/Brand

    Tamper-proof credentials with immutable audit trails

  • Integration

    Screening & credential verification APIs that plug seamlessly into your existing systems

Healthcare Providers
  • Speed

    Get the healthcare workers quickly to meet demands and deliver patient care

  • Simplicity

    Easily manage & monitor licenses and credentials from a single system of truth

  • Peace of mind

    Continuous monitoring and alerts ensure your workforce stays in compliance

Real-time verifications & monitoring

Verifiable's centralized platform connects directly to primary sources for instant verifications & continuous monitoring.

Exclusions & Sanctions for Healthcare

Verifiable's powerful matching algorithm searches across federal & state level databases to keep your workforce in compliance.

API-first approach

Verifiable's APIs integrate with ATS, HRIS, VMS and other core systems and support a seamless end-user experience.