Transform your agency


States and government agencies operate on antiquated systems creating substantial operational inefficiencies and painful experiences for business owners and professionals acquiring occupational licenses. Time and money are lost due to legacy systems.


Digital business licenses, enabling professionals to store on a mobile device and seamlessly access and verify on the spot as needed.


Certifying/Accrediting Organizations

  • Transformational operating efficiency for managing licenses
  • Decreased license fraud
  • Track how licenses are used
  • Increase businesses success

Business operator/professional

  • Operational efficiency with more time to focus on building their business
  • Access to more opportunities

Additional use cases


Digital ID's for residents and workers to transform operational efficiency and access.


Marriage certificates and other paper-based certificates digitalized for modern day efficiencies.


digitalize government records and enable secure documents with the ability to verify independent of any organization

  • Transform your agency
  • Empower and motivate businesses
  • Create secure environments
  • Enable optimal data and resource sharing.

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