Built for the unique needs of Healthcare

Faster hiring

Demand for skilled healthcare workers has never been higher. So why is it that licenses & certifications are still living in hard to access data silos - or worse yet - on paper?

Verifiable is redefining the process for certifying bodies to issue and manage credentials - while radically transforming employers’ ability to screen, verify and hire great providers - fast.



Issue digital licenses and certificates to provide mobile, portable and verifiable access to healthcare professionals

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Fast, efficient and smart license verification and continuous monitoring to stay compliant

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Certifying/Accrediting organizations

  • Protect and amplify program reputation
  • Automate administrative chokepoints
  • Streamline employer verification requests
  • Provide greater value to individuals
  • Attract new students/enrollees

Healthcare workers

Own permanent, portable, verifiable records of licenses and certifications to progress career and open future opportunities

Healthcare employers

Optimize HR and compliance with automated credential verification and continuous monitoring to identify issues before they impact patients

  • Transform your workforce
  • Empower and motivate healthcare employees
  • Ensure trust, security & compliance
  • Enable optimal data and resource sharing.

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