The Dock app is now Verifiable.
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Issue Verifiable Digital Credentials

Issue digital certificates and badges using blockchain technology for maximum authenticity and portability.

Digital credentials that deliver maximum value

Digital credentials that deliver maximum value

On the surface

  • Custom designs - Elevate your brand
  • Responsive html - Fits desktop, mobile or tablet screens.
  • Certificates and badges - Choose what works best for you.

Under the hood

  • Valuable data - Verifiable skills and information.
  • Portable - Compatible with all major standards.
  • Built on blockchain - Ensures data integrity.

Built-in trust at the core of every credential

Data integrityCredentials are anchored to blockchain ensuring that information cannot be altered or tampered.
Verify authenticityAnyone in the world can verify a credential in seconds to know if the information is accurate.

Turn recipients into loyal brand ambassadors

We’ve designed processes to maximize credential sharing to turn every recipient into an ambassador leading to increased acquisition and revenues for your organization.

Tools to empower recipients

Apps that compliment and help recipients get the most value out of your credentials.

Digital wallet

Import certificates in a universal digital wallet for on-demand access, seamless sharing and instant verification.

Data Control Apps

Apps to help members control their online identity, monitor data breaches and remove unwanted online accounts to stay safe online.

Issue and manage credentials to grow your organization

Automatic issuing process
Import existing recipients to issue in bulk or individually. Manage credentials with ease.
Analytics to track business goals
Understand recipient behavior and track the right business goals.
API integration
Plug into your existing workflows and seamlessly issue credentials through Verifiable.

Plug into a network of over one million members using Verifiable