Healthcare Credentialing

Turn your compliance bottleneck into a competitive advantage with credentialing software and services that streamline your operations and enable you to optimize your provider network

Tackling the costly and complex world of healthcare credentialing

Whether you’re focusing on the financial bottom-line or the workload of credentialing teams, credentialing is prone to inefficiency - but it doesn’t have to be.

$950 billion

Annual administrative spend for the US Healthcare system, with credentialing contributing to that number.

45-60 days

Typical credentialing turnaround time due to the amount of paperwork, verifications, and approvals required for regulatory standards.

Credentialing automation software and services

Not just a buzzword, automation has the power to transform the most tedious parts of healthcare operations – resulting in business-wide impacts like data quality, enhanced compliance, and speed.

The right credentialing solution is what works best for you

Whether you’re looking for the right software to enable your internal team, you need the human-power to augment your existing staff - or maybe a combination of the two. Verifiable has you covered.



Using Verifiable credentialing software, your staff can own this process while accomplishing objectives like reducing time to onboard providers, cutting costs, and improving the provider experience.



When it’s just not possible for your own staff to accomplish credentialing tasks on their own, outsourcing to our NCQA-certified CVO is a great option because we use our technology to achieve the fastest turnaround times available–95% of credentialing events are completed in < 2 days.



The benefits of both options, a hybrid approach meets you where you are to enable a crawl-walk-run approach. Whether that be for a transition to insourced, helping with peak demand like re-credentialing, or perhaps just for certain provider types.

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