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Verifiable helps health plans modernize their credentialing and provider network monitoring to reduce costs, avoid risk, and utilize resources more effectively

Leading health plans are improving their provider network operations with Verifiable

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Get providers in-network faster

Credentialing automation empowers you to get non-delegated providers approved quickly; Complete PSVs in seconds, auto-generate NCQA compliant credentialing packets, and enroll in ongoing monitoring with just a few clicks– moving providers through to appointment scheduling in days - not weeks or months.

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Discover new efficiencies by bringing credentialing in-house

Many CVOs still rely on manual efforts to verify certain primary sources that can be difficult to automate - resulting in hours of work that can really add up in cost. Verifiable provides all the tools necessary for your team to manage operations in-house, with additional support from our NCQA-Certified CVO (powered by our PSV automation technology) as needed.

Minimize risk in your network

Enroll your delegated providers into ongoing monitoring quickly and easily to ensure your providers remain compliant.

Better provider network monitoring

Gain control and visibility

Centralize your provider data for a unified source of truth - giving you access to new insights and reporting that you can’t have while managing disparate sources.

Centralize provider data

Humana Dental has realized 7-figure cost savings by trading in their outsourced CVO to in-house credentialing with Verifiable

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