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The Provider Journey: How Verifiable improves the provider experience and speeds up credentialing



With ongoing provider shortages being seen and felt globally, healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to quickly fill openings, provide quality services and generate revenue all while avoiding overwhelming providers.

While the shortage has created a competitive market for recruitment, this high demand means it's critical that the provider journey be as quick and seamless as possible. Providers and organizations alike are heavily burdened by paperwork, long wait times for delivery of credentialing packets and an inability to provide crossover of information throughout the onboarding process. These issues create delays in start of care, affecting billing and payments on a long term scale.

Today’s Credentialing Landscape

While the process of credentialing has become more refined and thorough over the past few decades, some organizations still rely on providers printing out a PDF, filling it out by hand, then scanning or mailing it back in. This process is time-consuming and outdated, and not to mention a cumbersome first touchpoint for providers.

A recent study found it can take healthcare employers an average of 49 days to fill a position, and with a one-day delay costing a medical group $10,122, the average cost in delay of hiring is $495,978

A recent study found it can take healthcare employers an average of 49 days to fill a position, and with a one-day delay costing a medical group $10,122* we can see speed is of the utmost importance (*according to a 2019 Merritt Hawkins survey on physician inpatient/outpatient revenue).

Verifiable on Salesforce

Verifiable, through partnership with Salesforce, has developed a streamlined and efficient way to onboard providers through the hiring and credentialing processes, eliminating unnecessary steps and creating a pressure-free transition for providers from recruitment to patient care, and therefore providing an accelerated path to revenue.

Verifiable helps reduce credentialing costs by automating many of the processes, lowering the amount of work done in-house, while preventing unnecessary work on non-ideal candidates.

Provider Onboarding & Intake

To make the data intake process simple and seamless, Verifiable has built customizable forms right on top of Salesforce to capture core provider data which flows directly into Salesforce. This creates a single system of record that can be managed within Salesforce, allowing organizations to monitor their provider network and share provider information across departments. This centralization of data is pivotal in moving the process along quickly, as well as unburdening providers and organizations alike.

In addition, these intake forms come with out-of-the-box automations and workflows, allowing organizations the ability to create a system of engagement powered by real-time, automated primary source verifications. Such workflows and verifications can be used to optimize the onboarding process and move ideal candidates through the pipeline quicker, while ruling out non-ideal candidates with stage gates.

For example, several Verifiable clients run a license check on a candidate before progressing them to full credentialing. This prevents unnecessary credentialing costs for non-ideal candidates, and can save credentialing and hiring teams thousands of dollars each year.


For many providers, the credentialing process can make or break the relationship with an organization. Timelines, updates, complexity and being asked for information multiple times, may lead providers to look elsewhere. However, Verifiable automates and centralizes the entire process making it easier and quicker for providers; from collecting primary source documents to tracking statuses in real-time for both the organization and provider.

Verifiable’s real-time automation of the credentialing process also greatly reduces the organization’s workload associated with provider credentialing, reducing human error and enabling automation of monitoring for downstream network operations.


The sooner providers have been onboarded and credentialed, the sooner they can be enrolled with health plans and seeing patients. Whether you have a delegated or traditional agreement with payers, the data centralization provided by Verifiable allows organizations to speed up payer enrollment by providing necessary data, forms and reports for health plans.

Verifiable enables providers to be onboarded, credentialed and enrolled with payers quicker because of the collection of data, automation of verifications and centralization of data. This speed gives providers a better experience, enables organizations to collect revenue sooner and allows providers to focus on patients and provide higher quality of care.


Provider credentialing has the potential to be a major roadblock in onboarding. But, with Verifiable’s Salesforce app, the process is 70% faster than other leading systems. Utilizing automated, real-time, primary source verifications and being the only NCQA-compliant credentialing workflow within the Salesforce ecosystem, the Verifiable platform accelerates the revenue cycle while ensuring a stress-free process for organizations and each potential provider.

Verifiable is on a mission to drive efficiency, quality and compliance across the healthcare system, and has built a modern program for the provider journey. Hospitals, commercial practices, clinics, groups and specialty providers can benefit from the speed and accuracy of Verifiable’s platform, allowing them to get to the business of providing care and generating revenue more quickly than with outdated onboarding techniques. Furthermore, the continued monitoring and accuracy of each phase ensures that provider-organization relationships will continue long-term, and allow for maintenance of continuity of care.

In the ever-expanding global healthcare community, Verifiable’s dedication to the creation and conservation of this advanced system for managing the multi-faceted relationships between organizations, providers, consumers, and payers is both exceptional and necessary and will continue to contribute to the community worldwide.

Request a demo to learn how Verifiable can help you improve your own provider experience and speed up credentialing.

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