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Verifiable launches out of Y Combinator



We are excited to announce Verifiable has officially launched out of Y Combinator!

The past few months have been an incredible experience and we’ve progressed a lot as a company. Since joining YC in June 2020 we launched, our team has grown, onboarded key customers and are currently verifying and monitoring credentials for over 50,000 healthcare providers. Verifiable helps compliance teams automate license verification and credentialing processes via a modern API to deploy healthcare workers faster and improve compliance.

Y Combinator has produced some of the largest and most impactful startups in the world: AirBnb, Stripe, Dropbox, Instacart, Cruise, Coinbase and this list continues to grow and scale. The support of working hand-in-hand with our YC partners has been incredibly impactful, thank you Aaron Epstein, Tim Brady and Kevin Lin. This is the first ever remote YC batch and we loved the efficiency and overall experience - we love remote work!

YC has helped Verifiable build a solid foundation and the network it provides and ongoing support well after this batch ends will help us build a lasting company. This is a first step in a long journey with very ambitious goals but it’s inspired our team to go further, faster and longer.

If you are in healthcare and are interested in automating your credentialing processes, please reach out to us - we can help!

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