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ViVE 2024 in LA: Recap on industry trends and where Verifiable fits in


Priscilla Tran

It was my second year at ViVE, and it definitely lived up to the hype once again. From the spectacle of so many influential brands in one place, to the excitement there was around automation and AI - I’d bet it was a success for more than just us here at Verifiable. From my time talking to attendees at our booth, to listening to the engaging presentations, I definitely saw some key themes emerge that I believe we will continue to see throughout this year.

Automation is Not Optional

It’s a pure necessity to stay afloat as the industry continues to battle staff shortages, consequences of human error, and more. The question isn’t should we automate, it’s what can we automate now, to have the biggest impact on operational efficiency, quality of care, and cost-savings.

Finding the single source of truth is still the north star for many

Automation is great for so many reasons, but it can often leave you with multiple point solutions that don’t interact. It’s clearer than it’s ever been that what today’s healthcare tech leaders need is systems to bring data back to solutions like a CRM, to house all data points in one place. Because what comes with that single source of truth is greater insight through analytics and reporting, unlocked potential for machine-learning and AI, and process visibility for all.

Provider experience is driving initiatives beyond care delivery

When you think about provider experience - many have visions of providers delivering care, but may be struggling to manage proper documentation while building connection with patients in a time-constrained appointment, all while ensuring their patients’ needs are met. But what we saw is that it doesn’t stop there - provider experience starts with their initial application and onboarding. Many are realizing that provider experience starts at that first point of contact, and that sets the tone for the future relationship. For many, this means applications and credentialing – which has long been known for being arduous for providers and administrative staff alike.

Credentialing is a broken process for many

We need to replace our existing solution” “Why does it take so long?” – Just two examples of phrases we heard over and over from leaders as they saw the words “credentialing automation” in big letters on our booth display. To those we say, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that the process of credentialing shouldn’t be a deterrent to providing great care, it should be an accelerant for getting providers in-network, so they can start seeing patients as fast as possible.

At the end of the day, I am uplifted at the massive potential that so many healthcare technology solutions bring to the industry–Verifiable included.

How is Verifiable tackling these issues?

Verifiable is taking a completely new approach to healthcare credentialing. The foundation of Verifiable is primary source verification automation - by putting the effort into automating the most time-consuming, error-prone part of the credentialing process, we are able to deliver unmatched speed and accuracy. But it doesn’t stop there - with our tech-first approach, your data is accessible in the solutions you use most, such as a CRM or ATS. By increasing transparency of this former paper-process, we are empowering operations teams at the most innovative healthcare organizations like Humana, Wheel, Cityblock, Zelis, and Modern Health.

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