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Wheel Partners With Verifiable to Power Virtual Care at Scale



Healthcare delivery continues to go through a fast-forward as both new and established provider groups look to expand their virtual care offerings and scale their provider networks. Growing demand on both the patient and provider sides has placed a spotlight on the challenges of recruiting, training and managing clinician networks.

With expanding clinician networks comes a need for more modern data infrastructures to support data quality, flexibility and the ability to scale. Wheel is an innovative digital health company that makes it simple for companies to build virtual care services under their brand — which includes leveraging a nationwide clinician network —has partnered with Verifiable to integrate real-time primary source verifications to simplify and streamline their provider network operations.

Connecting Clinicians With Innovative Health Care Models

Telehealth consumption rates, which skyrocketed amid in-person care restrictions born of the COVID-19 pandemic, are projected to remain high. Beyond a high appetite among patients for convenient, virtual care, thousands of primary provider offices have shuttered due to the economic pressure of running a business in the pandemic context. In 2020 about 8% of physician practices were forced to shutter amid the pandemic - with another 4% expected to close within the next year.

Health providers across specialties are drawn to telemedicine for a range of reasons, but often the motivation is to reach a broader range of patients - including patients that struggle with in-person care access. Providers have increasingly turned to virtual platforms as a medium for administering care to the patients they serve.

Wheel's workforce solutions provide a sound staffing strategy for virtual care companies looking to scale their services fast - supporting a flexible and reliable workforce of health providers empowered to practice quality care at scale via Wheel’s tech-enabled platform. The company's value proposition for clinicians and care organizations alike is a simple but weighty one - support high-quality, affordable, sustainable virtual care delivery and patient outcomes by putting clinicians first.

"The pandemic really didn't change our business model," explained Wheel CEO and cofounder Michelle Davey in a recent Forbes article. "It actually solidified what we were building towards, and the fact that clinicians needed an entirely new way to work."

Wheel Powers Telehealth, Verifiable Powers Wheel

Launching virtual care operations is an inherently complex endeavor - but scaling and sustaining healthcare delivery solutions is even more difficult. Over the last year Wheel’s clinician network has grown over 450%  - and with growth comes greater need for reliable data management. Wheel turned to Verifiable for help with  data management and credentialing solutions to keep pace with rapid scaling while maintaining provider licensure compliance.

Verifiable's APIs leverage hundreds of primary sources to stay current with the records of the 17 million licensed health providers working and serving patients in the U.S. The data transition is seamless - Verifiable’s robust APIs allow for verifications to be run directly from the systems organizations' operations teams use most. Additionally, it can return validated, structured provider data that can be utilized for reporting and automated workflows

At present, Wheel is leveraging its partnership with Verifiable to support centralized reporting and provider tracking. Verifiable's API will help optimize Wheel's provider onboarding operations with improved infrastructure to:

  • Ensure providers moving through the process have the necessary, active licenses
  • Embed real-time NPI & licenses checks to notify upfront candidates of any data entry errors
  • Deliver a more streamlined onboarding experience by pre-populating form fields
  • Automate downstream operations workflows based on verification results

Looking to scale your provider network operations?
Get in touch to learn more about how Verifiable can help you streamline provider onboarding, speed up credentialing and simplify provider network management.

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