Insourcing Credentialing: The Cost-Saving Opportunity you may
be Overlooking

What should operations leaders and credentialing professionals know about insourcing their processes in today’s market? Can the promise of speed and cost savings from automation carry over into credentialing, while still meeting regulatory requirements, and enhancing provider experience?

We’ll answer these questions, and more, in our comprehensive guide to bringing credentialing in-house.

Inside the Guide

  • Common Issues with Outsourcing
    Slow turnaround times, lack of visibility, and siloed data are all issues that can arise from outsourced credentialing processes.
  • Why Insourcing is a Good Option
    Data centralization is made easier, resulting in new-found reporting capabilities, cross-team efficiencies, and transparency into provider pipelines.
  • Guidance for Bringing Credentialing In-House
    Beyond headcount, an insourcing strategy is about providing the right technology and guidance to optimize in-house credentialing.
  • How to Stay Compliant
    Compliance of processes and reliability of data are must-haves for any credentialing function, and there are easier ways to accomplish this.
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Download the Guide

  • Automate license verifications & ongoing monitoring --  with many primary sources returning in seconds
  • Integrate results and customize workflows in the core systems your teams already live in most - including Salesforce
  • Deliver a seamless, easy-to-complete provider onboarding experience - while validating provider info in real-time
  • Stay compliant with NCQA, Joint Commission and other requirements
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Credentialing with Verifiable

Verifiable real-time verifications

Centralized, real-time, primary source data you can trust

Verify provider credentials instantly, across hundreds of primary sources, all within a single source of truth.

api primary source verification

Automation & APIs to supercharge provider network operations

Automate manual credentialing workflows. Power custom triggers and enable downstream network operations.

Verifiable laptop with NCQA logo

An end-to-end platform & expertise for every step

Our CVO services offer a flexible option for NCQA-compliant credentialing to meet growing demands effortlessly.

Verifiable makes credentialing and licensing easier for organizations like mine, helping us make our providers available to the millions of Americans who need better access to quality speech therapy.

Nicholas Barbara, CEO & Co-Founder at Expressable

Nicholas Barbara
CEO & Co-Founder at Expressable

Expressable logo
Expressable logo

Verifiable makes credentialing seamless, providing an awesome experience for both our team and our providers. Credentialing used to be an arduous process, leading to frustrated providers. Partnering with Verifiable has removed the work from our providers and enables us to credential in an efficient and automated manner!

Chelsea Katz

Chelsea Katz
Operations at Sesame

Sesame logo white

We needed a credentialing software and services expert who could keep up with our growth while helping us stay nimble in this quickly evolving virtual health space. Verifiable was the clear choice

Ryan Powers
SVP of Finance & Business Operations at NOCD

NOCD logo white
NOCD logo white

I've been so impressed with the entire Verifiable team. They're professional, proactive, and help us problem-solve with agility and deep industry expertise. Verifiable is not just a partner, but a trusted extension of our team. I would highly recommend working with them!

Connor Walsh Monument

Connor Walsh
Sr. Director Of Operations at Monument

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