Verifiable Supercharges Investments in Optimizing Networks on Salesforce After Proving Significant ROI for Health Plans

The AppExchange partner expands credentialing and network monitoring solutions resulting in greater accuracy, efficiency, and millions of dollars in immediate savings

Austin, TX— Salesforce— the #1 AI-base CRM— and Verifiable— an innovative category disruptor in the provider network management software category— have grown to nearly 100 joint customers achieving up to a 98% reduction in credentialing turnaround times and millions of dollars in immediate savings in less than two years.

“At Verifiable, we believe that high-performing networks are built from the start, and that’s why we made it our mission to redesign the credentialing process specifically to help healthcare organizations of all sizes scale their operations,” said Verifiable CEO and Co-Founder Nick Macario. “Although credentialing is only one piece of the bigger picture for managing networks, it’s one of the most overlooked for optimization opportunities to improve provider data accuracy, reduce operational costs, and simplify provider experiences.” 

Verifiable is known for their integration-first mission to connect network data, systems, and teams from day one. They have mastered automation for real-time verifications, workflows, and document generation that are now pre-packaged on Salesforce to achieve faster time to value. Customers have access to 3200+ primary source integrations to easily verify 100+ clinician types in seconds based on NCQA standards.

The Humana Dental joint partnership is a perfect example. The nationwide PPO dental network with more than 100,000 clinicians worked with Salesforce and Verifiable to bring credentialing in house. The solution enabled Humana Dental to establish a single source of truth for credentialing and compliance teams, capture accurate applications, and automate verifications. As a result, they complete credentialing in less than one day compared to the 45-60 days with their previous outsourced CVO services and gained immediate 7-figure cost savings.

“While we’ve already made significant strides in credentialing automation and expanding into things like facility verifications, we’re also investing in other major time- and money-saving enhancements, such as artificial intelligence that can support credentialing and compliance teams to make smarter judgements faster,” said Macario. “Salesforce is leading the way in data management and industry-specific AI use cases are the next step for our partnership to continue unlocking network optimization potential for our customers.”

About Verifiable

Verifiable is a credentialing and network monitoring platform built to help healthcare organizations optimize operations for error-free, fast verifications and to stay compliant with ease. Backed by their NCQA certified in-house experts that bring a combined 60+ years of experience, Verifiable’s innovation supports managing trusted networks at scale through 97% verification automation in seconds with millions processing each month. Verifiable works with leading healthcare organizations such as Humana Dental, Zelis, Talkspace, Wheel, Headway, Empower Pharmacy, and many others. They are a Y-Combinator company whose notable investors also include Sam Altman and Jack Altman that are both leading AI and technology founding executives.