CHA Nevada Unblocked Provider Scheduling with Credentialing Status Visibility

CHA Nevada solved their credentialing inefficiencies and uncovered revenue opportunities by moving providers through to scheduling faster


The Problem

Like many organizations, The Community Health Alliance (CHA) of Nevada was struggling with their previous credentialing vendor—unpredictable costs and minimal visibility left them with inefficiencies they couldn’t work around. Based in Northern Nevada, CHA is an established federally qualified health center, offering medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health care, and food pantry services across seven locations. Having such diverse offerings limited most vendors, leaving CHA unable to provide a real-time view into credentialing statuses for providers, impacting scheduling and essentially, organizational revenue.

Photo of Holly Long
Holly Long
Director of Operations, CHA Nevada
I wasn't able to give our front office staff a real-time view into credentialing status for our providers; they weren't able to schedule very well because of that, which started to impact revenue.

Why Verifiable

With transparency into the credentialing process heavily impacting front office staff, leaders at CHA needed a solution that offered real-time insight into the credentialing workflow—a common hindrance stopping other vendors from solving their problem. However, it was Verifiable’s integration with Salesforce that prompted CHA to make the switch. Unlike other solutions, Verifiable delivered a native Salesforce application (under one contract), that meant their provider data could be centralized and easily accessible by all staff members that need it to do their job effectively. 


The Solution

Provider Data Centralized on Salesforce

CHA Nevada’s projected growth in provider teams and locations is now far less complicated due to Verifiable’s customization capabilities. Since the software can manage all lines of service, provider types, and locations, CHA Nevada can now view workflow status, manage provider records, and customize reporting all in one spot. Specifically, Holly mentions how helpful it is for her to be able to divide their data up by clinic, provider type, or health plan. This flexibility is what enables her to report up to her leadership team, board of directors, and community partners.

Credentialing Workflow Visibility

With Verifiable, every step in the credentialing process is accessible and visible to those using the platform, allowing CHA staff to work more effectively. This means front office staff can see when a provider is ready for scheduling instantly—which translates into shorter wait times for patients and increased revenue.With this greater visibility, Holly and her team saw a 90 percent decrease in complaints and inquiries from internal team members because they have all the necessary information readily available at their hands.


Because of Verifiable’s partnership status with Salesforce, CHA Nevada was able to sign one contract and have everything they need in a single platform. The Verifiable technology exists as a managed package inside of Salesforce, so there’s no need to log in to two separate tools.  Along with the ease of contracting and the technology, Holly adds, “Tying that together with a big bow is the cost piece - having it be not only reasonable, but transparent, for our teams is huge.”

Photo of Holly Long
Holly Long
Director of Operations, CHA Nevada
Being able to have that real-time access to credentialing status in Salesforce and having it be so easy to use and understand, is huge for us.

The Results

CHA Nevada’s initial goal of simply “cleaning up” their data was surpassed quickly. They now have the confidence in their provider data accuracy and organization to seek delegated contracts with payers—something that wouldn’t have been possible without Verifiable. Top that off with cost savings in comparison to their previous vendor, and the peace of mind that comes from process efficiency and cost transparency.

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