How Verifiable Helped Humana Dental Accelerate Credentialing Turnaround Times by 98%

Humana Dental, a large dental insurance company with 100,000+ clinicians, wanted to improve lagging credentialing times and invest in operational efficiency. Since integrating with Verifiable, Humana has seen seven-figure cost savings, increased in-house credentialing capacity, and drastically reduced credentialing packet completion times.

Download the case study to see how your organization can mirror these incredible results.

Inside the Humana Dental Case Study

Read first-hand how Humana Dental uses Verifiable on Salesforce to:

  • Drop turn-around times for provider credentialing
  • Unify provider data into a single operating system
  • Roll out insourcing to improve credentialing quality and control
  • Scale and grow provider network
  • Improve provider satisfaction and experience
  • Save serious money

Download the Case Study

  • Automate license verifications & ongoing monitoring --  with many primary sources returning in seconds
  • Integrate results and customize workflows in the core systems your teams already live in most - including Salesforce
  • Deliver a seamless, easy-to-complete provider onboarding experience - while validating provider info in real-time
  • Stay compliant with NCQA, Joint Commission and other requirements
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Dara McDaniel
Associate Director of Credentialing and Compliance at Humana
When we started to really utilize Salesforce to the fullest, thanks to Verifiable, we began seeing real benefits. Looking at the big picture really changed our process.

Humana Dental + Verifiable's Transferable Wins

Verifiable for Salesforce

Unlock Lightning-Fast Credentialing

Humana Dental’s credentialing turnaround times improved by 98%—going from months to days.

Unify Provider Data

By consolidating the provider data of 100,000 clinicians, Human’s admin overhead was reduced by 50%.

Verifiable credentialing dashboard

Reduce Credentialing Errors

With Verifiable-backed insourcing, there’ve been 30% fewer errors and a 25% increase in clinician satisfaction.

Verifiable helps you monitor your network effortlessly

Grow Provider Network + Satisfaction

With the path cleared, Humana Dental scaled its provider network by 25% while maintaining superior satisfaction.