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Verifications in seconds

Our software connects directly to hundreds of primary sources to automate real-time verifications


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Every action is tracked with a timestamped audit trail to confirm where data was acquired, when, and who was involved

What can you verify?

  • State Licenses
  • NPI
  • DEA
  • Board Certifications
  • SSN
  • OIG & SAM
  • NPDB
  • OFAC
  • And More!

Advanced technology and best practices

Real-time data

Unparalleled data quality with up-to-date information captured in real-time

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Audit ready

Always audit ready with timestamped audit logs and reports available

About primary source verification

What is primary source verification (PSV)?

Verification of medical credentials through the originating source of information. Healthcare organizations should use government agencies to verify licenses, state controlled substance, state issued certifications, sanctions and more as some examples.

Best practices for primary source verification

The Joint Commission and NCQA are certifying organizations that provide training and certifications for best practices in medical credentialing. Primary source verifications are essential for best practices along with proof of the original source, which comes in the form of a snapshot of the original source with time and date.

What types of verifications does Verifiable provide?

Automated primary sources verifications across a variety of records including but not limited to: medical licenses, medical certifications, NPI lookup, state controlled substance licenses, DEA registration, OFAC, federal and state sanctions and exclusions, and more.

The Verifiable difference


Real-time access to hundreds of primary sources with the most up-to-date information.


Comprehensive sources along with intelligent matching algorithms to identify issues.


A simple modern API to integrate with your existing products and workflows.


Industry leading technology to streamline compliance