Taking on 2023:
Time for a Check-up on Your Provider Journey?

How automating credentialing can drive provider experience, efficiency and revenue cycle outcomes

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An all-too-common theme for healthcare organizations is emerging yet again in 2023 -  being asked to do more with less.

Whether clinician shortages in the face of surging demands, limited staff to maintain operations, or the need for an efficient revenue cycle to sustain the mission  -  provider organizations must challenge their prior status quo of “how we do things”.

Walk away with a new perspective and some actionable strategies to impact key 2023 targets in ways you may not have previously thought possible.


Join Dr. Rachel George, Health System Advisory and Innovation Lead at Salesforce and Rehan Mirza, Chief Growth Officer of Verifiable as they help do a checkup and diagnose potential gaps/opportunities in your Provider Journey - onboarding, credentialing and enrollment -  to drive critical business objectives like:

  • Integrating new care delivery and staffing models
  • Accelerating & maximizing reimbursement
  • Enabling a seamless provider onboarding experience
  • Maintaining compliance, accreditation and patient safety