How the Verifiable Solution Works

Reimagining healthcare credentialing by delivering the fastest, most reliable automation at scale, and out-of-the-box compliance

Achieve data accuracy through automation with less burden on providers

We’ve lessened provider friction and drastically reduced the risk of human error in credentialing by programmatically connecting to 3200+ primary sources (including 200+ license sources, NPDB, and DEA), and completely automating 97% of  all verifications we complete.

Primary source verifications capture information directly from the source, even through captchas and payment gateways
Credentialing packets are compiled automatically without copy/paste
Digital intake form with CAQH integration reduces friction for providers and minimizes incomplete applications

Humana Dental decreased credentialing packet completion times from 45 days to just 1 day

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Speed and efficiency at scale for even the largest provider networks

Whether your provider network size is 100 or 1 Million, we empower credentialing teams of all sizes by eliminating 76% of manual work, resulting in super fast turnaround times and maximum output per credentialer.

  • Scale your growing provider network with bulk actions/multi-select, flexible workflow automation, and configurable reports
  • Never miss a task or follow up with robust workflows in place for teams managing credentialing, licensing and enrollments
  • Clear visibility for leadership to monitor key milestones and events with dashboard views they can trust to be accurate

Trust your process with compliance requirements built-in

We've made NCQA compliance a breeze, by incorporating their requirements into our technology - so you don’t have to worry about it. With compliance being less of a headache, we help our customers achieve NCQA certification themselves, along with delegated contracts with payers.

  • Flag issues that need immediate attention with continuous NPDB monitoring, and sanctions/exclusions monitoring
  • One-click credentialing packets and digital committee approval workflows are designed to NCQA standards
  • You’re always audit-ready with detailed activity logs for every action

Flexibility and centralized control of your verified provider data

We’ve made it seamless to manage providers while enjoying the freedom to adapt to evolving needs. By eliminating data silos and focusing on a tech-first approach that welcomes integration, we enable you to realize optimal performance and agility in your provider management processes.

  • Salesforce package plugs in credentialing workflows and verifications directly alongside provider data source of truth
  • API enables customized workflows for home-grown CRM, applicant tracking, or other systems where your data lives

Used by leading healthcare organizations to streamline credentialing

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